10. Cole Haan Jay Grand Apron Oxford A classic dress shoe with added comfort features for long-lasting wear.

9. Cole Haan Generation Zerøgrand Stitchlite Sneaker A blend of knit fabric with modern design, offering a comfortable and trendy look.

8. Cole Haan ØriginalGrand Ultra Wingtip Oxford Known for its lightweight construction and modern design, offering both style and comfort.

7. Cole Haan Wagner Grand Chelsea Boot Combining sophistication with ease of wear, ideal for dressier occasions.

6. Cole Haan GrandPro Rally Court Sneaker A sporty sneaker suitable for casual wear, known for its comfort and style.

5. Cole Haan ØriginalGrand Shortwing Oxford Offering a contemporary twist on the classic Oxford shoe with added comfort features.

4. Cole Haan Grand Ambition Apron Toe Derby A dressy shoe with cushioning and support for all-day comfort.

3. Cole Haan ØriginalGrand Chukka Boot Blending style with versatility, suitable for various casual occasions.

2. Cole Haan GrandPrø Tennis Sneaker Known for its lightweight feel and sleek design, ideal for everyday casual wear.

1. Cole Haan OriginalGrand Wingtip Oxford aCombining classic wingtip design with modern comfort technologies, making it suitable for both formal and casual wear.

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